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About us

The Ambiance concept

One of the Wall Decals Leaders in Europe


Ambiance aims to satisfy your desires for interior design with trendy stickers. This is why we offer a range of wall stickers varied and renewed regularly. We are always trying to make new stickers to satisfy your needs, from design, flowers, animals or famous artists.

Moreover, through the personalized feature, you can make designs that reflect your personality and blend well with your interior.



The Company

The idea for Ambiance began in 2008 in Brussels. In the light of the growing popularity of stickers in the French and English countries, the two founders studied methods of manufacturing their own designs on vinyl, before finally marketing them. The results were satisfactory and the demand was growing.  


Since then, Ambiance-Sticker has continued to design and sell stickers that add a final touch to your home's interior decor. The team has even been reinforced and a couple of employees are now working for ambiance-sticker. 




We now sell all over the world and we are always searching for new concepts and ideas for our wall decals so that you would be able to decorate your kitchen, your children's bedroom, your laptop or even your car. Now, if you can even decorate your showcase if you own an outlet.


Our global presence (via partners):


Our values

To meet market demands, Ambiance offers unique and customized stickers according to your taste. Our values are:

  • High Quality stickers
  • Original stickers
  • Customized stickers
  • An efficient after-sale service




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