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Abstract wall stickers: invite bubbles and circles at home!


Create a modern and artistic decoration at home by using our abstract wall decals! We offer you a huge range of abstract wall stickers allowing you to change or add a modern touch on your walls. Check all our designs and get the bubble wall decal or circle wall sticker you must have in your room! Trendy and fancy, that’s the deco spirit you will create with all our circle and bubble wall stickers! Abstract: nothing else over there.

Ambiance-sticker, the best online store for abstract wall decals!

Number of products : 157

Wall decal Japanese cherry
25.00€ 15.00€macaron
Colorful bubbles sticker
29.00€ 20.00€macaron
Wall decal Yin Yang Zen
19.00€ 11.40€macaron
Wall decal Soap bubbles
19.00€ 11.40€macaron
Wall decal 60 Dots
14.00€ 8.40€macaron
Wall decal Circles Design 2
22.00€ 13.20€macaron
Wall decal Dream catcher
10.00€ 6.00€macaron
Wall decal Drawing globe
19.00€ 11.40€macaron
Wall decal Circles Design
20.00€ 12.00€macaron
Design with rounds
16.00€ 9.60€macaron
Bubbles sticker 2
24.00€ 14.40€macaron
Bubbles wall sticker
20.00€ 12.00€macaron
Sticker Design baroque mirror
39.00€ 23.40€macaron
Wall decal Design classic dish
39.00€ 23.40€macaron