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Magnetic wall decal world map

Reference : col-magn-carte
Magnetic wall paper - painted magnetic wall paper map - ambiance-sticker.com
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Magnetic wall paper - painted magnetic wall paper map
Magnetic wall paper - painted magnetic wall paper map
Magnetic wall paper - painted magnetic wall paper map
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Removable magnetic wall paper for your interior decoration!

10 magnets of 6x6mm are included in your package as a gift!


These removable magnetic wall paper  mappe can give you ideas for decorating all rooms in your house.

How do you apply magnetic wall paper?

Total application time: 5 minutes.

The magnetic wall paper is made of two different elements: one black magnetic base sticker, and one printed magnetic vinyl.

1 First, choose a nice place to stick the magnetic base sticker.

2 Once you stick it, you just have to unroll the printed magnetic vinyl on it. It will be magnetized by the base. You just need to place it in the way to cover all the magnetic base. It's very easy.

3 You then can use the free magnets to magnet on your new designed wall paper notes, papers, recipies, photos,...


Where can I stick this magnetic wall paper?

This wall sticker will be perfect on the walls of your living room, your bedroom, your kitchen or your office, to forget about the stress of the work!

You will be able to view your kind words, your photos, ... on all the walls with these magnetic wall papers.

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Magnetic wall decal world map
89.00€ 53.40€macaron

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