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Insect and bug wall stickers for a funny decor!

If you are looking for a funny way to decorate your home, our insect wall stickers and bug wall decals are the perfect solution. We offer you a wide range of many different kind of insect wall stickers and bug wall decals which allow you to add a funny touch to your decoration. Those insects stickers can be used on every walls: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room but also kids’ room for sure! Worm, spider, snail, ladybird, bee, ants and many more: those original and funny bug decals are needed if you want to easily recreate a funny and modern decor at home. Check our terrific visuals and add some fun to your home decoration! Choose your size and your colour.

Ambiance-sticker, the best online store for insect wall stickers!

Number of products : 75

Wall decal Cat and Spider
16.00€ 9.60€macaron
Wall sticker 9 butterflies
29.00€ 17.40€macaron
Wall decal Two-legged Ant
12.00€ 8.40€macaron
Wall decal Silhouette ant
16.00€ 11.20€macaron
Wall decal Design ladybugs
16.00€ 11.20€macaron
Wall decal A fly
9.00€ 6.30€macaron
Wall decal Ant and nuts
12.00€ 8.40€macaron
Wall decal Bee Silhouette
9.00€ 6.30€macaron
Wall decal Figure spider 1
9.00€ 6.30€macaron
Wall decal Silhouette ant
10.00€ 7.00€macaron
Skin Spider
Wall decal Silhouette spider
18.00€ 12.60€macaron
Wall decal Silhouette bug
13.00€ 9.10€macaron