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Silhouettes Wall Stickers

It is now possible to have random illustrations or images of your favourite celebrities through our collection of wall silhouette and character wall stickers! You can have an image of a well known activist, the king of pop or Scarface himself all together in your household. Secure the best location in your house or apartment for these decorative stickers and your family and friends might just get themselves a lovely surprise!  Read More...

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Hip hop dancer and speakers
32.00€ 28.80€macaron
Wall decal Never grow up
16.00€ 10.40€macaron
Urinating statue sticker
20.00€ 12.00€macaron
Pareo sexy woman
Fairy and stars
14.00€ 9.80€macaron
Wall decal hip-hop dancer
19.00€ 13.30€macaron
Wall decal E.T. flying bike
17.00€ 10.20€macaron
Wall decal 3 dancing girls
19.00€ 13.30€macaron
Wall decal Swing in the sky
18.00€ 11.70€macaron
Wall decal Swimmer
19.00€ 13.30€macaron
Wall decal Angel with a bow
14.00€ 9.10€macaron
Dancing in the rain decal
20.00€ 16.00€macaron
Disk Jockey singing
14.00€ 11.48€macaron
Wall decal Michael Jackson
17.84€ 12.49€macaron
Stickers angels
Crazy dancer sticker
22.00€ 19.80€macaron
Woman & phone
Basketball players
34.00€ 30.60€macaron
Bob Marley sticker
28.00€ 19.60€macaron
Fairy and stars
samurai stickers
Wall decal Boy peeing
14.00€ 8.40€macaron
Stickers human evolution
29.00€ 26.10€macaron
Fairy and stars
yoga master stickers
26.00€ 23.40€macaron
King of pop stickers
20.00€ 14.00€macaron
Wall decal fallen angel
29.00€ 26.10€macaron
Wall decal maid
29.00€ 26.10€macaron
Happy Ballerina
20.00€ 12.00€macaron
Venus from Milo
Elvis Presley sticker
24.00€ 16.80€macaron